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These sound wizards use cutting-edge tools and technologies to produce audio that enthralls and entertains us in a variety of ways. As President & CEO of Resonate Recordings, Jacob leads the team & oversees the vision and growth. Jacob can be found recording, producing, & mixing podcasts when he is not spending time with his family. Descriptis a powerful tool that makes editing podcast audio as easy as deleting some text in a word document. They offer a powerful set of tools for remote recording, transcribing, editing , and overdubbing audio.

As far as features are concerned, Cubase brings forth quite a bit of these as well. There’s a frequency equalizer that lets you perform immensely delicate frequency edits to your tracks, an Auto-Pan feature that lets you quickly play around with your tracks. For a free app that’s also cross platform, Audacity is surprisingly feature rich. There are a bunch of other tools as well including an envelope tool, a time shift tool, and more. Plus, like most great audio editing software out there, Audacity supports almost all the audio file formats out there like MP3, WAV, AIFF, PCM, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, AC3, AMR, WMA, MP4 and more.

Other modest audio applications include the $45 Goldwave and $55 Multisequence () and Tracker loop-sequencing software (which I covered in my PC Music Freeware feature — see the ‘Further Reading’ box). Windows XP has proved to be by far the best Microsoft operating system to date for musicians — after all, it was the first to take multimedia performance really seriously. Looking back even further, through the SOS review archives, I found that Steinberg’s Wavelab 1.6 audio-editing package only needed a Pentium 133MHz processor in 1997. Of course, back in 1997 we were still excited at the prospect of being able to run a single plug-in effect, and a reverb plug-in could consume all your processing power in one gulp.

  • This audio editor shares more DNA with Apple’s Garage Band program than most audio editors.
  • Unlike other free audio editing software packages listed here, Audiotool is an in-browser platform so there’s no need to install a local client to use it, although a Chrome plugin is available.
  • However, you can install older versions of the software such as Acoustica 6 for free.
  • Acoustica is actually a premium subscription product, and no free version of the latest release, Acoustica 7, is available.


The intensity options are basically just loudness options. Most people with untrained ears will just pick whichever option sounds loudest thinking it’s better. Louder audio will always sound better to our ears because of something called the Fletcher Munson curve.

Nowadays, many musicians are creating entire songs in the virtual domain and may expect to run dozens of everything. As I’ve said before many times in SOS, plug-ins and soft synths eat CPU for breakfast. Cubase, from Steinberg, is another audio editing software that you might wanna take a look at. The DAW comes with a legacy of major artists having used it including the likes of Zedd, Junkie XL and more.

On the other hand, don’t be swayed too much, as your heroes probably simply worked out which gear suits their particular, personal way of working, and you should eventually try and do the same. Everyone has their own style (if they’re doing it right), and ultimately, you won’t know for sure whether your chosen software platform or any other tools are right for you until you start using them regularly. When you marvel at the sound of the latest hit song, popular video game or Hollywood blockbuster film, you are enjoying the work of audio engineers.

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